Glitch VSTi

Glitch Screenshot

What is it?

Glitch is a VST plug-in effect for Windows-based sequencers that support VST 2.3 or higher.

What does it do?

Glitch features a pattern-based effects sequencer that takes the incoming audio, breaks it down into user-defined slices, and then applies different effects to each slice. The sounds it generates range from quite subtle to extremely bizarre, depending on how much you tweak the controls. Effects can either be programmed by hand to create specific desired patterns; chosen pseudo-randomly based on each effect’s probability level, with a user-defined seed value that optionally allows the same sequence of “random” effects to be chosen each time; or combined into a mixture of both methods to suite your own tastes.

Download latest version

Glitch v1.3.05 (ZIP)
Documentation (PDF)


Download older versions

Glitch v1.3.04 (ZIP)
Glitch v1.3.03 (ZIP)
Glitch v1.3.02 (ZIP)
Glitch v1.3.01(ZIP)
Glitch v1.3.00 (ZIP)
Glitch v1.2.3 (ZIP)



Please do not link directly to these files from any other location.
Please do not upload, share, redistribute, or publish these files via any method without my permission.
Please do instruct people to visit this page for the most up to date content.


Open the ZIP archive using a utility such as 7-Zip, then copy the file dblue_Glitch_v1_3.dll into your VST plug-ins directory.
Depending on the host you are using, it may also be necessary to re-scan the plug-ins directory or restart the host itself before the new plug-in will appear.


Despite being stable for many people, Glitch is still just a prototype and contains a few bugs that I have not managed to fix yet. Depending on how intensively you use the plug-in, you may occasionally run into some problems ranging from quite harmless (a simple error dialog box which can be closed) to quite severe (crashing the host). Some users have reported that Cubase 4 can be particularly bad.
I cannot stress this enough: Please fully test the plug-in before relying on it in any way – especially if you plan to use Glitch in a live performance situation!